Nr 4 – The raw mass and world success

Nr 4 the raw material number associated with worldwide success.

The sacrifices of many, the suffering, globalized working world covered by the blood of who it exploits in the name of the futile, luxury lifestyle of the lucky few.

To appear without thinking what’s behind that small or large detail, sacrifices and energies that have led to the ephemeral reality, which is consumed when the eye catches the first glimpse of it.
The base of the painting is made of the blue color which represents an immense sky saturated with energy and suffering.
The whole is emphasized by the red, symbolizing the blood of the workers.

The central apex with the suglasses observes infinitely what has been created around.
Only the impromptu language of the female body, in the photos above the lingerie, brings back a moment of human warmth in this absolute suffering of many for the aesthetic pleasure of a very select few.
The black X = a BIG NO to all of this to give voice to the invisible.