Nr 44 – Favelas

44 – the angelic number, a hope of an imaginary utopia, freed slaves but locked up in their chaos, in a world that will never belong to them during their entire human existence.

The base of the painting is characterized by the color black, a reference to the DARKness of slavery which, unaware, continues as a latent evil for these People.
The overlapping of various color forms, in a cohesive and irrational disorder, represents the set of Energies, Loves, Hates, Jealousies, Passions, Sufferings mixed with the common objects of an act of daily life, also emphasized in the photo inserted on the right juxtaposed with the half-length of a woman on the left.
The blue grates, like a fake free sky, DREAMS stopped forever, fed by the RED arteries of passion that chase the infinity of this deafening perpetual motion, FAVELAS.