Nr 666 – Nonsense Media

Nr 666 – the failure of a free ideological system and the advance of a digital oligarchy.
Many slaves and very few masters, so much appearance and zero substance. Virtualization of being in favor of power, money and control of the masses.

The basis of the painting is formed by black, an energy that takes everything and gives nothing back. One-way physical material. Icons representing the tentacles of a giant octopus, a system within the NONsense MEDIA system, with a brain at the top of the ears formed by money, power, control.
A shark in the Polaroid photo, thirsty for the blood of the victims, tramples all the classic ideologies with sneakers, projecting itself into a virtual loop that for now knows NO end, without hope, with a one-way certainty.

Number 666 = NONsense MEDIA, a Matrix of what the twenty-first century gives us.