Nr 7 – The Genesis

7 is the number of genesis interpreted as creation, where everything originates from nothing.
The female ovum in its artistic representation is fertilized to create life, starting from a meeting of two single cells.
Pure energies, perfection, time and growth in a single whole that is emphasized in four points as the apex of a perimeter that circumscribes an evolutionary space-time path that is as exciting and intense as the energy it represents.
The base of the painting is yellow ocher like an imaginary protein and energy yolk as a support for the main action that takes place: The Genesis.
Colors and shapes that recall the energy of creation, four equidistant points like an illusory perfection of what nature creates, circumscribed by two concentric white strokes representing the seed of a male that joins the femininity of conception.
In the center, small containers for « seeds » intertwined with the energies of the infinite DNAs, emphasized in the photo by a cellular geometric sequence.