Nr 7.2 – Envy

Nr 7.2 – The second of the seven vices. The second capital sin, envy. To look with contempt at others, light and dark, articulated, complicated and evil that expresses a concrete inferiority in those who experience it, diminishing the essence of the human being. Wanting, desiring and possessing materially and emotionally all that you can ever have, carrying this dark evil towards other people.

The base of the painting is white, a reference to the material space and to the immaterial soul itself, where the evil sentinent takes its shape. Within this representation there are traits that in a twisted way envelop everything like blood vessels or tentacles of a cancer that envelops everything, bringing this vice to everything that surrounds us.
A starting point, from the photo of an arid land, broken, almost desolate and lost as the one who feels envy and without limits sprinkles this delirium around the surrounding world.
Number 7.2 = envy, the lowest inferiority of a human being.