Nr 1861 – The unity of Italy

Nr 1861 – the number representing the birth of Italy. A new beginning where past and present interact for a different future.
Energies, cultures and emotions that take shape in the work.
The base of the painting is sky blue to resume the depth and space where the tricolor Green White Red is placed.
United, creative, quarrelsome and passionate like music and noise, human, immersed in the memories of a thousand-year history.
People, Homeland, Places and Traditions stained by mourning and suffering, loves and joys NOT to be forgotten in order to run ever forward, without ever repenting in the essence of one’s pride, represented in the strokes of colors that intertwine, superimpose around the masks of three colour flag faces in the time frame.
Colors and emotions of the nation of navigators, artists and faithful ones (as inthe three photos) united by contemporary individualism, like the photographic sequence that captures the unique and inseparable moment, Italy.