Nr 3 – The third dimension

Nr 3 – the reference to the third dimension, the only sensory perspective of a different vision, things and people, apotheosis between the sacred and the profane.
Central elevation of a point, origin of everything, which projects the imaginary and real infinity of all that we are and that will be, interweaving between the present past elevated to the future with energy, colors and unique and unrepeatable shapes.

The base of the painting is formed by an intense blue square of the infinite space contained inside by the yellow orange of solar energy that pushes every shape and color into the variations and makes form within the perspective moment of the third dimension.
Shapes in contiguous and fragmented shapes, originating from the central white cone, as the growing apex of the work itself. A Feeling anchored at the base by the set of metallic indigo roots of the ionized atmosphere between space – sun and energy that closes the magic circle of three – dimensionality.