Nr 31 – Loneliness

31 is the symbolic number of solitude, isolation, like a desired and decided detachment from above.
It’s the center of one’s essence, without touching anything directly and continuing to navigate along one’s direction intertwined in the energies, like an indissoluble envelope in its own right, cohesive only by the energy that supports it.

The base of the painting is made of the red color symbolizing the energy, power and strength that unites the scene, writing its parts with a multitude of lines, points, strokes in the snapshot of the diversity of colors, which reinforces the primary concept of its origin.
The solitude of a stationary statue, petrified over the centuries, above the summit (top photo), in antithesis with the dissonance of the iceberg in the bottom photo, which continues to navigate within the deafening silence of the ocean.
The black rubber gloves, as an indelible sign of isolation (the material used) and 99% absorption of the light sources (the black colour).