Nr 5500 – Daylight

5500 degrees Kelvin of day light. Fusion element of a mix of light that indirectly gives color and shapes to all that the essential and minimalism of things represents.

The basis of the painting is formed by a two-tone: yellow like sunlight and an intense deep blue like the emphasized artificial light, with a color temperature of 5,500 Kelvin degrees which marks the ambivalence of the same whole.
The essential minimalism of the work also occurs in a visual dichotomy with a light bulb embedded in the canvas that intersects the sunlight on the left and right with the absence closed in the X of the silver ribbon, conclusive of a lack of the artificial light in the background.
The Polaroid photo brings the same perceptive atmosphere of colors and shapes reflected by the painting itself to the body of a woman, like a minimalist mirror reflecting the essence of things, shapes and colors that interact together.
Number 5.500 = DayLight essential minimalism of the light.