Nr 8 – The nature, mother and perfection

Nr 8 – the number of nature.
Like a Mother, absolute perfection in every living thing, plants and animals, unique creatures in their entirety.
Unique ability to give life, soul and appearance to all that surrounds us in the auric intensity of colors, shapes and emotional vibrations pulsating in the center of the work.
The base of the painting is made by the raw white canvas, without color, as a direct reference to the pure material, without filters, it takes shape like a world within the world.
The central point is the sky-colored Heart, immense depth, dripping with red blood, which pervades the living presence in several spaces.
Sometimes suffering, like an eternal balance between good and evil that develops between the strokes, shapes and colors contained in the work.
A Mother, a female figure with breasts, a wooden body and a green face with concentric strokes, which reassures, melts hope, a serene centrality of this unique mystery which is perpetually rerenewed in every moment.